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Vocal Coach Lois Johnston
"Unlocking vocal potential is my superpower." 
Lois Johnston

Singing Lessons Online provides one-to-one online private singing lessons which are tailor made to ensure you reach your singing goals. Singing Tips offers free online singing lessons, advice, tutorials and more. Beginner, advanced, young or old, my singing lessons and vocal coaching will help you to improve your singing, while giving you the confidence to sing better than ever before. 

Singing Lesson Online
Singing Teacher Lois Johnston
Hello! I'm Lois Johnston and I'd like to warmly welcome you to Singing Lessons Online. Singing is my passion, and sharing that passion through performance and teaching is what makes me tick. Conservatoire-trained myself, I have an extensive performing and teaching career, including opera, early/baroque music and musical theatre. I teach a classical technique, which incorporates vocal health, strength, stamina and flexibility, allowing you to safely sing any genre you choose. My students range from cathedral choristers and singer-songwriters to mature rock singers and professional opera singers. If you've been wanting to try lessons, but lack the confidence then you can trust my years of experience. There are many benefits to online lessons -  living in a rural community, for example, shouldn't be a barrier to having access to top quality tuition. My mission is to provide the best private, online, affordable singing lessons for anyone, anywhere.

Singing Tips Blog

If you've found your way to my blog, my guess is that you love to sing. Congratulations on choosing Singing Tips! I'm passionate about all things to do with singing, and strongly believe in making high quality vocal tuition and resources available to everyone, free of charge. That's why I started my YouTube channel - Singing Tips - so that I could share my knowledge and expertise with a wide range of people from all around the world, and be part of a happy global singing community. Whether you're a confident soloist, choral singer, karaoke legend or enthusiastic bathroom singer, here, you'll find blog articles, advice, step-by-step tutorials, singing tips, exercises and inspiration to help you become a better, healthier singer. Learn to love your voice even more with Singing Tips. As the queen of sultry vocals Ella Fitzgerald famously said,
"The only thing better than singing is more singing".

YouTube Channel - Singing Tips

On my You Tube channel Singing Tips, I provide bite-sized singing tips, free lessons and step-by-step tutorials for singers of all ages, styles and experience. My Singing Tips videos will help you improve your singing instantly, and my step-by-step song tutorials will show you how to apply my tips to a whole song and see instant results. I love being able to provide quality tutorials for free, so that everyone can benefit. So please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE these resources, and also leave a COMMENT. 

Amy Jansen, Bachelor of Music, Auckland University
I took lessons with Lois for a year before deciding to study classical singing full time. Lois is hugely supportive, clear in her instruction and makes it a lot of fun! A friend of mine told me to contact her because she could "help find the joy again" and she most certainly does!
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