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Reconnect with the Breath

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Sometimes, life deals us a hand that we just can't ignore. At the moment, the universe seems to be giving me lots of signs that I need to focus on breathwork. 

A few of my students have been able to reconnect with me via online lessons after a gap - one has been pursuing her acting career, one has had surgery and another has retired and has more time to indulge in her music-making. I love the process of reconnection - seeing what has "stuck" from previous lessons, which old habits have snuck back in, and hearing their beautiful voices again. It's always a great opportunity to cover the basics again, even with really advanced students. 

The "old habits" are particularly fascinating to me. Most of us have got into some pretty interesting breathing patterns over the years, and unravelling them takes time and patience for the student.

As a singing teacher, one of the biggest gifts I can give to a student is the ability to control their voice, and this comes from learning how to control or "manage" the breath. By really focussing my attention on my students' breathing, I'm revisiting and re-connecting with my own breath.

If you can get out into nature, try my walking breath exercise - and if you can't walk, it's just as effective sitting or lying down quietly, focussing on the breath.  

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